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Duraport Full Face Flange Fused Sight Glass

Duraport Full Face Flange Fused Sight Glass
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Product Details
Our DuraPort Full Face Flange Sight Glass merges the strength of steel with the visual clarity of glass.

This self contained, no-maintenance unit is created by fusing a glass lens inside of a metal ring. The flanged configuration is designed to bolt directly to an ANSI Flat Face flanged connection without the need for a cover flange. These units are also available with an ANSI weld pad which can be machined to fit the radius of the vessel for a complete weld-on sight glass package. Other drillings such as DIN are available upon request.

Ring: 2205 Stainless Steel; 316 Stainless Steel; Hastelloy; Carbon Steel
Glass: Borosilicate; Soda Lime
Optional Mating Gaskets Teflon; Grafoil; Gylon; JM-961; G9800; etc.
Parts and Accessories for the Duraport Full Face Flange
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