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Liquid Level Gauges

Our liquid level gauges have the distinction of being the safest in the industry. An experienced plant operator is familiar with the direct relationship between the ease of resealing a leaky level gauge and enhanced safety in the handling of flammable, corrosive, or otherwise hazardous materials. Our complete line of liquid level gauges feature our unique peripheral sealing scheme, which decouples sealing stresses from the process pressure. This enables our level gauges to meet higher temperature and pressure requirements than competing designs. As a result, our level gauges are more forgiving of imperfect screw torqueing by operators, and permit rapid resealing of leaks without gasket replacements.

For less demanding applications, tubular level gauges are versatile and economical alternatives. The following standard models are available for immediate ordering at (800) 624-9043; custom units are available via consultation with one of our sales engineers.

Standard Liquid Level Gauges

Standard Level Gauges >

Direct replacements for Jerguson, Quest-Tec, Penberthy & other industry-standard level gauges.
See Thru Level Gauges

See Thru Level Gauges >

A two-sided level gauge that allows light to pass through for easier viewing.
Reflex Level Gauges

Reflex Level Gauges >

A basic type of level gauge that offers a lower initial cost.
Weld Pad Level Gauges

Weld Pad Level Gauges >

A level gauge designed to be welded directly onto a tank or other liquid-containing vessel.
Tubular Level Gauges

Tubular Level Gauges >

Level gauges using a clear or red line tubing.
Level Gauge Valves

Level Gauge Valves >

Ball, needle and gauge valves for use with our liquid level gauges.
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