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Sanitary Sight Glasses and Fittings

Sanitary/tri-clamp connections help avoid bacterial contamination for food and drug industry processes, and because most require no tools to maintian, are valued in other industries for their convenience. Our sanitary fittings and components are offered in 304 and 316 stainless steel. Sanitary sight glasses, sanitary flow indicators, and other custom items with sanitary connections are usually made of 300 series stainless steel. Other materials are available by request.

The following standard models are available for immediate ordering at (800) 624-9043; custom units are available via consultation with one of our sales engineers.

Duraport Sanitary

Duraport Sanitary >

Fused sight glasses compatible with sanitary connections.
Type I Sight Glass

Type I Sight Glass >

Sight glass with a threaded retainer cap.
Type II Sight Glass

Type II Sight Glass >

Sight glass with a threaded retainer cap available in various materials.
Type III Sight Glass

Type III Sight Glass >

Sight glass designed with a standard sanitary clamping system.
Sanitary See-Thru

Sanitary See-Thru >

Fused sight glasses mounted to a sanitary short-stack cross.
Full View

Full View Sight Glass >

Sight glass with 360° viewing capability.
Elbows and Tees

Sanitary Elbows and Tees >

Elbow sections of various diameters with sanitary connections.

Sanitary Gaskets >

Gaskets designed to mate with standard sanitary connections.
Weld-On Ferrules

Weld-On Ferrules >

Ferrules allow a sanitary interface to be added to a vessel.

Clamps >

Stainless steel sanitary connection clamps of all sizes.
Couplings and Caps

Couplings and Caps >

Miscellaneous components designed for sanitary connections.
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