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Sight Flow Indicators

Sight flow indicators are inline piping-based units that allow direct observation of material flow through a line. These typically consist of two circular sight glasses positioned 90 degrees to the direction of the flow and 180 degrees from one another. All of our sight flow indicators benefit from the advantages of our sight glass designs, namely the ease of sealing, maintenance, and availability in higher pressure/temperature combinations in larger sizes than any other manufacturer in the industry. Since fluid flow is always driven by pressure, ease and robustness of sealing is even more important than in plain sight-window applications. Our unique radial sealing of the glass decouples the sealing stresses from the process pressure, and enables higher sealing stresses to be applied without endangering the glass--which in turn enables higher pressures to be maintained.

Our units are unlike any other on the market in that they are designed to permit leak resealing by simply tightening the appropriate compression screws, and are far more forgiving of asymmetric screw torqueing than other designs. For less rigorous applications, our full view flow indicators offer economical omni-directional viewing. The following standard models are available for immediate ordering at (800) 624-9043; custom units are available via consultation with one of our sales engineers.

Model L Safesite

Model L Safesite >

An inline (see-thru) type of sight flow indicator assembly using standard Model L sight glasses.
Model B Safesite

Model B Safesite >

An inline (see-thru) type of sight flow indicator assembly using standard Model B sight glasses.
Model I Safesite

Model I Safesite >

An inline (see-thru) type of sight flow indicator assembly using standard Model I sight glasses.
Full View

Full View >

A sight flow indicator allowing 360-degree viewing of the process material.
Bulls Eye

Bulls Eye >

An inline (see-thru) type of high-pressure flow indicator assembly using standard Bull's Eye sight glasses.
Sanitary See-Thru

Sanitary See-Thru >

Fused sight glasses mounted to a sanitary short-stack cross.
Threaded Fused See-Thru

Threaded Fused See-Thru >

A sight flow indicator using fused sight glasses designed for smaller pipelines with connections of 1/4" to 11/2".
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