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PresSure Products Company (PPC) is a pioneer in the safety sight glass industry, producing a complete line of sight glasses, liquid level gauges, sight flow indicators, process lights, reactors/chambers and concentration monitoring systems. PPC designs, manufactures, and sells our products to industrial, government, and research customers all over the world, with our principal product line revolving around pressure-bearing sight glass windows. PPC is THE premier full-range sight glass manufacturer: Our products range from low-cost cast models for easy applications, to high-end units capable of tolerating both high-temperature and high-pressure conditions, and also include custom sight glass windows and associated reactors.

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Low-Cost ANSI Flange Sight Glass Windows

PPC offers three such ANSI flange mounted sight glass windows designs: the very simple Model S, the more advanced X150, and the Model L. Learn more >

Corrosion Resistant ANSI Flange Sight Glass Windows

PPC offers sight glass windows priced as economically as possible while providing the required corrosion resistance. Learn more >

High Temperature & Pressure ANSI Flange Sight Glass Windows

PPC is the industry's leading provider of sight glass windows that can function at high temperature and high pressure. Learn more >

Tech Talks Video Series

Our detailed educational video series on sight glass specification.

Sales Representatives

Find contact information for your local PresSure Products sales reps.

Training Videos

Educational resources from sight glass experts.

Unit Assembly Directions

Detailed instructions for assembling our sight glass units.

Our Glass Sealing Technology offers temperature and pressure ratings unrivaled in the industry.

The highest stresses experienced on a sight glass is at the edge of the sealing gasket. While necessary to allow the gasket to undergo plastic deformation in conforming to its mating surfaces, this stress is far in excess of any process pressure that the unit may experience. This stress on the gasket and the glass is continuous, and causes the gasket to continue deforming and the glass to continue weakening. Eventually, excessive deformation of the gasket will cause the gasket to become too thin, and a leak will result. Attempting to compress an already too-thin gasket will often result in damage to the unit.

The unique design of our sight glass units eliminates these dangers, guaranteeing high operational safety and sealing performance under the most extreme temperature and pressure conditions.

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