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Duraport Fused Sight Glasses

Your facility requires superior performance, safety, and longevity from your sight glass units, and PresSure Products' Duraport fused sight glass units deliver. With our DuraPort sight glasses, the outer metal ring imposes an enormous static compression on the glass-thus, any tensile load imposed on the unit in service merely serves to relieve some of the pre-loaded compression. PPC's DuraPort sight glasses also feature fracture containment, thermal shock resistance and true Type 1 borosilicate glass.

The following standard models are available for immediate ordering at (800) 624-9043; custom units are available via consultation with one of our sales engineers.

Duraport Raised Face Flange

Duraport Raised Face Flange >

Designed to bolt between a new or existing flange connection and a cover flange.
Duraport Full Face Flange

Duraport Full Face Flange >

Designed to bolt directly to an ANSI Flat Face flanged connection without the need for a cover flange.
Duraport Weld-In

Duraport Weld-In >

A complete weld-in sight glass assembly available with a flat weld pad or a cylindrical or spherical radius.
Duraport Sanitary

Duraport Sanitary >

Fused sight glasses compatible with sanitary connections.
Sanitary See-Thru

Sanitary See-Thru >

Fused sight glasses mounted to a sanitary short-stack cross.
Threaded Fused See-Thru

Threaded Fused See-Thru >

A sight flow indicator using fused sight glasses designed for smaller pipelines with connections of 1/4" to 11/2".
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