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Process Lights

PresSure Products Company offers a complete line of solutions for any industrial process lighting need. Explosion proof process lights are suitable for illumination of processes in hazardous locations where combustible gases or vapors might be present. High intensity discharge (HID) explosion proof process lights are the brightest in the industry, able to illuminate the largest tanks or processes. They are designed to transmit light efficiently through the small diameter of a sight glass. Fiber optic process lighting solutions offer flexibility for awkward light mounting requirements. Various options for mounting process illumination lights onto sight glasses are available, and custom options can be provided as needed. The following standard models are available for immediate ordering at (800) 624-9043; custom units are available via consultation with one of our sales engineers.
Model 2376 Explosion Proof

Model 2376 Explosion Proof >

An explosion proof unit with high light output and a compact design.
Model EVTL Explosion Proof

Model EVTL Explosion Proof >

A high-output explosion proof light available in two styles.
Model HKB Explosion Proof

Model HKB Explosion Proof >

An explosion-proof unit that can accomodate several different light source types.
Model R50

Model R50 >

A illuminator with the ability to mount via a standard sanitary connection.
Model T50

Model T50 >

A versatile light with the ability to mount via many brackets and connections.
Model BC75 Fiber Optic

BC75 & BC150 Fiber Optic >

Our fiber optic systems deliver illumination from distant light source.
LED Lighting

LED Lighting >

High-intensity, pure-white illumination with lower overall power consumption.
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