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Explosion Proof Model HKB Light

Explosion Proof Model HKB Light
Explosion Proof Model HKB Light
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Product Details
The HKB is an explosion-proof light used for spotlighting the insides of tanks or process vessels; for general lighting in chemical plants and petrochemical plants; and for porthole or sight glass applications.

The HKB unit has a high light output and a compact design. Each unit can be furnished with a medium-base, halogen reflector spot lamp (PAR20/SP) at either 35 or 50 watts. Alternatively, a 39- watt high intensity discharge (HID) lamp can be supplied (the HID option requires a separate enclosure to house the lamps ballast). It can be mounted up to 30 feet from the luminaire. Connections are made through 3/4" NPT hubs, and internal and external grounding screws are provided. PPC customers are responsible for wiring the installation, with appropriate sealing provisions.

Body: Copper-free aluminum
Paint: Epoxy powder coating
Hub and Plug: Aluminum, no finish
Brackets: Stainless steel, no finish
Gasket: Neoprene rubber
Glass: 3/8" thick tempered glass
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